Words Of Honour

Our Promise

We offer unprecedented access to design at the most compelling prices and lead times. Whether you’re searching for specific furniture style or a custom made, or looking for inspiration. We believe in designing personal style, and living beyond the ordinary.

Why Scalene Studio ?

We grant for our client professional service, timeless style and bespoke interiors with care and paying attention to the beauty of space.

Fast delivery

Delivered within 5 -10 days with explanation and consulting. It may vary for complex and commercial projects.

Fair prices

Our service prices reflect meaningful unlike any other agency, sometimes as much as 50%. We also offer redesign options so you don’t have to sacrifice your design dreams.

No more waste

We are the future of furnishing, now. Every single item we add to your design is selected on demand, meaning our designs are functional, not prospective ones, ensuring our impact stays on passionated design.

Unlocking design

In the spirit of living beyond ordinary, we offer unprecedented access to design and choice so that you can create the life you want, starting with patterns for every personality.